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Reservoir Water Cistern Restoration

Design-Build contract (with our design partner Michael-Bruno, LLC). The scope was to use the existing cistern located under the tennis court at Carney Park as a reservoir water cistern to the existing water well #4 that could not provide adequate water flow to satisfy the demand of the Golf Course in a reasonable time frame.
The project included cleaning of waste material on the bottom of the cistern, scraping existing plaster from cistern walls, application of 5-6cm thick cement/plaster on walls with lathing, reinforced 20cm concrete slab on the bottom of the tank, galvanized steel hoisting device support structure, new access door and access ramp with steps to the cistern, waterproof lighting fixtures and related power system, high density polyethylene (HDPE) pipes to connect Water Well #4 to the existing underground cistern, including excavation, backfilling, restoration of trenches, solenoid and floating valves, level controls and well pump controls, new pumping station to feed the irrigation system, two pumps with Variable Frequency Driver, a jockey pump, related valves, max/min water level controls, new DDC system to control pumping station and water well pump integrated with the existing DDC system, system monitoring and control from the workstation in Carney Park and remote workstation located at PWD in NSA Capodichino.

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